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Doubling Vinnie Jones in “The Bleeding” 2008


…with a Shelby “Super Snake” on “The Bleeding”

I got my initial start in stunts in 1996 working with Buddy Joe Hooker and Benny “the Jet” Urquidez on the film “Grosse Point Blank”. That time around I stunt doubled for John Cusak, and Benny “the Jet” and myself choreographed and developed the big fight scene at the Grosse Point School reunion.

The end result is a near seamless blend of master shot and closeups. John Cusack has been a long time student of Sensei Benny so John had the skills and ability to quickly absorb the movement and flow of the conflict.


- Kleeman, Matthias, Jones -

Many of the skills and drills that I teach in the… “Doce Pares Fighting Art Systems” curriculum can be either directly used in fight scenes or can be a good starting point to develop a solo fight scene or a multi dimensional all out brawl…


Charlie Picerni of Stunts Unlimited, bought me in to double for Vinnie Jones on the movie “The Bleeding”.
While we were filming in Wilmington North Carolina, I developed the sword fight that came into play at the climax of the movie, between Caine (Vinnie Jones) and Black (Michael Matthias).
I had a blast working on the film, it is due for release in 2009….


…Sword fight….doubling Vinnie Jones 2008

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