It was absolutely terrific to see you and train with you again - well worth the 4 + hour drive to Portland! Your seminars are always so well organized, clearly showing how techniques build on each other and how they integrate into the Doce Pares and DPFAS systems as a whole. I'm always amazed at how you are able to simultaneously teach people with varying levels of experience. The people with less experience were not lost and the more experienced people were definitely not bored. There was something for everyone.

I really enjoyed the variety of topics that were covered - from two stick pinki-pinki drills to open hand Kilat to Sikaran and Eskrido techniques. You never run out of material and new perspectives and the time just flew by. You are one of the best instructors I've ever trained with and a valuable resource for Eskrima training. Keep me posted on your schedule - I'll gladly travel to any seminar you do in this part of the country.

Gail Sumpter
thanks you for the fantastic seminar in Hillsboro, OR you shared a lot of great techniques. I love your style of instruction; very detailed and easy to follow, one of the best seminars I've attended! Hope to attend another one of your seminars soon,Mahalo
Master - CDP Eskrima.

Ernie Dolan
Master - CDP Eskrima, GMAK
Thank you for the remarkable seminar you have conducted at Modern Fighting Concept in my father SGM Cacoy Canete's place. You made Dad happy and proud. Congratulations on the job well done! With great appreciation. Catherine Kitty Canete-Knight

Catherine-Kitty Canete-Knight
Ms Kitty, GM Kleeman did a fantastic job in conducting the seminar in placeof your father SGM Cacoy. The students that attended were all impressed how a man with his height can move so quick and gracefull at the same time showing power and strength. He looked like a giant version of SGM Cacoy...hahaha. Thank you so much...we are looking forward in having GMAK return in the near future.

Guro Mario Gajo
Hello, My name is Chris Cross and I'm one of GM Narrie Babao's students. I have also had the pleasure of training with SGM Cacoy Canete on several occasions. I just wanted to let you know I attended the recent seminar in San Diego, CA. instructed by GM Anthony Kleeman and I thought he did an OUTSTANDING JOB! He broke the curriculum down into easy to follow steps and presented it masterfully. I was really impressed with his teaching abilities and enjoyed the seminar immensely.

Chris Cross
GM Anthony Kleeman,Awesome seminar, your teaching is very simple and direct. your moves are quick & powerful. thank you for coming to puyallup to share your Doce Pares teaching.

Ronnie Tapec
Master - CDP Eskrima
Thank you Grand Master Anthony for coming out to San Diego! What i learned during the seminar was more than techniques, but also life lessons. Truely an inspiring and humbling experience

Andrew Alcasid
GM Kleeman - just wanted to say thanks for an amazing seminar today at Joe Parkers in NJ. Great material and applications.. one of the best I've been at! Hope to see you again

Don Edwards
GM - CDP Eskrima
GMAK Thank you for a great seminar. Everyone had a great time! SGM and Sifu Bustillo both suggested that I host a semimnar with you. It is hard to find someone that is friendly, polite, considerate and displays outstanding technique. Thanks again, Joe Parker

Thank you

Joe Parker
MASTER - CDP Eskrima
GMAK, I too want to thank you for an outstanding seminar. I learned a lot and had a blast training. Your skill and manner of instruction made it a special and memorable day.. oh, And the concert afterwards Rocked too haha .. A perfect start to a great summer! I am really glad SGM Cacoy recommended you : ) Till next time.. Stay Strong and Functional.

Howard Bifson
GURO - CDP Eskrima