Seminars/Training Camps

seminarlA seminar is typically a one day event and a training camp is typically a two or three day weekend event. My camps & seminars are intended to be a great source of information and ideas, you will learn a wide variety of extremely practical drills and skills, learn about how you act & react under pressure and learn how to improve your ability to cope with the stress of conflict, as such my seminars can be custom tailored to suit a wide range of civilian, law enforcement and military purposes. Anyone interested in participating in or Hosting a seminar in Doce Pares Fighting Art Systems, please contact: DPFAS@Mac.Com

Typical Seminar Content:

  • Knives & Edged Weapons
  • Tactical Stick
  • Sword & Dagger
  • Tactical Folding Knives
  • Karambit
  • Single & Double Stick
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Pangamot
  • Sikaran
  • Kilat
  • Eskrido
  • Dumog

Doce Pares Fighting Art Systems
..born from Filipino and Australian blood, sweat and tears…

Doce Pares Fighting Art Systems
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